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History of education and the professions; social history of the middle classes; women's history, *Professor Albisetti is not currently accepting graduate students.*
No photograph available for sgbe225
Cultural Anthropology MA Student
Graduate Student Instructor
Associate Professor of History and African American and Africana Studies
Latin American and Caribbean History, esp. Cuba (19th/20th century), Africana Studies, Afro-Latinx Studies, Transnational Black Feminisms, Afro-Latin America
POT 17th Floor
Assistant Professor
Modern U.S. history, Social movements history, Labor and working class history and politics, History of race and ethnicity, U.S. Latinx history and politics, Immigration history, Nativism and xenophobia, Oral history and memory
1721 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-1043
No photograph available for lobo222
19th and 20th century American history, Environmental History, gender and race, Progressive Era, Rural and Agricultural History
1706 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor
African American history, African American women, Film and Visual Studies, Photography
1723 Patterson Office Tower
PhD Student
Teaching Assistant
1706 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor
Director/Editor, The John Dickinson Writings Project
Early modern Anglo-American theology and political theory, John Dickinson
Patterson Office Tower 1763
E. Vernon Smith and Eloise C. Smith Professor of American History
20th Century American History
1769 Patterson Office Tower
Graduate Student
1706 Patterson Office Tower
Professor, Otis A. Singletary Professorship of the Humanities
Postcolonial Mexico; Latin American culture and society; gender history, History and Biography, War and Gender
1771 Patterson Office Tower
Emeritus Associate Professor
US History; history of medicine; environmental history
Assistant Professor
Early Modern Atlantic World, Slavery and African Diaspora, Latin America and the Caribbean, Environmental History
1757 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-1859
Professor and Interim Chair, Department of History
Director, Commonwealth Institute for Black Studies
African-American History since 1865, Women's and Gender History, Biography, Intellectual History, political history
1715 Patterson Office Tower
859-257-1731, 859-257-2284
No photograph available for erdani01
Emeritus Professor
Associate Professor
South African history; microhistory; public history, African History, Digital Humanities, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Human Rights, data visualization, Virtual and Augmented Reality, new military history
1749 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies and History
Chair of Hispanic Studies
Marie Rich Endowed Professor
Indigenous peoples and religion, Race, Coloniality, Visual studies, Women's writings, Gender and ethnic identity, Cultural studies, Catholic studies
1105 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-7091
Emeritus Professor
Ph.D., Wisconsin, 1964
Appalachian history; public policy and economic development
Director, World Religions Minor
University Research Professorship
Theodore A. Hallam Professorship, 2017-2019
Early Medieval Europe, legal history, Digital Humanities, Manuscript Studies
1739 Patterson Office Tower
PhD Candidate
20th Century American History, Appalachia, Kentucky, political history, music history, Education
624 Maxwelton Court
Bryan Chair Professor
American history; political history; populist movements
Emeritus Professor
Roman Republic; legal history; rituals
1705 Patterson Office Tower
Professor of English
Affiliated Professor of History
Medieval English literature, history, and culture, Old English literature, history, and culture, Renaissance and Seventeenth-Century Literature and Culture, Literary Theory, History of the English language, critical pedagogy
1273 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-1587
PhD Student
Teaching Assistant
Appalachian history; public policy and economic development, 19th and 20th century American history, Access to Healthcare, Race and Gender, Public health
1322 Patterson Office Tower
Director of Undergraduate Studies
20th century US history, Appalachian history, gender, healthcare
1741 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-3675
social policy, Britain and the Empire, World War One, Postwar Reconstruction
1702 Patterson Office Tower
Department Manager Senior
Department of History
1719 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-1731
Associate Professor
20th century America, Public policy, agriculture and the state
1703 Patterson Office Tower
History Department Chair
1777 Patterson Office Tower
PhD Student, Teaching Assistant
1706 Patterson Offie Tower
Emeritus Professor
Ph.D. Graduate Student
Teaching Assistant
1722 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor of History and African American & Africana Studies
Director, Central Kentucky Slavery Initiative
Patterson Office Tower 1751
Senior Fellow, Division of Academic Excellence
Kentucky women's history
112 Frazee Hall, CAMPUS 0032
(859) 257-0047
Emeritus Professor
Ph.D., Nebraska, 1967
J.D., Stanford, 1962
No photograph available for djo225
Graduate Student
1702 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor
African History, African Diaspora, Atlantic History, French Empire, Women, Gender and Sexuality
1767 Patterson Office Tower
No photograph available for mka255
1706 Patterson Office Tower
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