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Degree Programs / Graduate Program

Graduate Program

The History Department began teaching graduate students about a century ago.  Its program has usually been one of moderate size.  Admission is competitive, with six to twelve students admitted each year. 

The department admits students to its graduate program who wish to obtain a free-standing M.A. degree, who have earned an M.A. degree at another institution and wish to earn the Ph.D. degree, and who hope to earn both the M.A. and the Ph.D. at the University of Kentucky. 

Students work closely with faculty members experienced in directing research. Our students take a combination of thematic seminars, which are organized around key areas of conceptual inquiry and encourage graduate students to explore these issues as they relate to their own areas and periods of interest; field seminars, which focus on the history and historiography of specific regions and periods; and research seminars, which help students develop their research skills and explore questions of scholarly interest. Students also take courses in other departments and programs, including Appalachian Studies, African American and Africana Studies, and Gender & Women's Studies.