J.M.H. Clark

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  • Assistant Professor
  • History
1757 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-1859
Research Interests:


  • Research interests: Early Modern Atlantic World, Slavery and African Diaspora, Latin America and the Caribbean.

PhD, Johns Hopkins University, 2016


Joe Clark is a specialist in the early modern Atlantic world, with a particular interest in slavery and African diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean. His current book project, tentatively entitled “Veracruz and the Caribbean in the Seventeenth Century,” is a two-part study of African and Afro-descended communities in the Mexican port city of Veracruz. In its first part, the book reconstructs the social and commercial networks that connected Veracruz’s African population to diasporic communities in across circum-Caribbean. Its second part then asks how those external relationships affected local concepts of race, ethnicity, religion, and status. Broadly, his research is interested in spatial relationships and how material exchanges across political and linguistic borders inform the construction of social and cultural identities, both of communities and individuals. Dr. Clark teaches courses in the history of the Atlantic world, Latin America and the Caribbean from the colonial period to the present, and African diaspora.