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Where can History take me?

What can a history major at UK do for you?

  • History is the study of the most important and exciting events that have ever occurred.
  • A History major provides a superb introduction to modern society, politics and global events.
  • History provides rigorous instruction in critical thinking, writing and composition. History majors develop research and presentation skills that are highly transferable to any career.
  • A BA in History can serve as a strong foundation for careers in Law, Government, Public Policy, Consulting, Education, Academia, Publishing, Research and Journalism.
  • A History degree also complements a degree in International Studies, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology or Geography.
  • History is one of the broadest disciplines in academia:
    • Historians at UK study everything from religion to literature, from disease to technology, and from slavery to revolutions.
    • Historians at UK work in dozens of different countries on five different continents.
  • History is consistently recognized as one of the best teaching departments at UK.


A Bachelor of Arts in History is a flexible undergraduate degree that provides students with broadly marketable skills.
History majors are able to:

  • Communicate clearly and persuasively in writing.
  • Speak fluently and compellingly to audiences large and small.
  • Apply their wide-ranging research skills to a variety of real-world problems.
  • Gather and manage complex data.
  • Present that data in a variety of formats.
  • Formulate persuasive arguments on the basis of concrete evidence.
  • Make well-informed decisions on the basis of that evidence.

History majors go on to become:

  • Lawyers
  • Business executives
  • Diplomats
  • Legislators
  • National-security agents
  • Development officers
  • Public-relations managers
  • Museum curators
  • Journalists, editors, and publishers
  • Screenwriters
  • Civil Servants
  • Teachers and educational administrators
  • Information-management specialists


For more information about career opportunities, contact the UK Career Center.