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Tammy Whitlock

  • 595  Gender and Empire
  • 595 (and 350) Victorian Popular Culture In England and North America
  • 595 Nationalism, Politics and Literature in History
  • 554 British History, 1780-1914
  • 555 British History Since 1901
  • 499 Senior Research Seminar: Great Crimes in History
  • 353 Gender and Empire
  • 353 Crime in History
  • 316 The Research Seminar: Famous Trials
  • 301 History Workshop: Famous Trials
  • 202 The History of the British People to the Restoration
  • 203 British History from 1688 to the Present
  • 105 History of Europe From 1660 to the Present
Selected Publications:
Crime, Gender and Consumer Culture in Nineteenth-Century England.
Hardcover: The History of Retailing and Consumption Series. Series General Editor, Gareth Shaw, University of Exeter.  Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing Ltd., 2005.
Paper: Routledge, 2016.  9781138251427


Selected Articles:
"Poverty, Prostitution, Prisons, and Politics: Women and Crime in the Long Nineteenth Century," in History of Feminism - History of Feminism - Routledge
“Forms of Crime: Crime and Retail Theft” in the Oxford Handbook on Crime and Criminal Justice. Edited by Paul Knepper and Anja Johansen. OUP, 2015.
“Masculinities and Crime in Historical Perspective” in the Oxford Handbook on Gender, Sex, and Crime. Edited by Rosemary Gartner and William McCarthy.  OUP, 2014.
Selected Book Reviews:
Murder and the Making of the English CSI. By Ian Burney and Neil Pemberton, Journal of Social History (July 2017).
Literary Bric-à-Brac and the Victorians: From Commodities to Oddities, edited by  Jonathon Shears and Jen Harrison, Victorian Studies (in process 2016).
Wicked Ladies: Provincial Women, Crime and the Eighteenth-Century English Justice System, by Gregory J. Durston. The Historian Vol. 78, No. 1(Spring 2016): 146–147.http://
Property Crime in London, 1850-Present, by William M. Meier.  Journal of British Studies  Vol. 51, No. 2  (April 2012): 509 – 510.