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Michael M. McGlue

Research Interests:
Sustainability and Environmental Change
Water Resources

Ph.D., University of Arizona

M.S., Syracuse University

B.S., Washington and Lee University


I’m a paleolimnologist. My group uses sediments and fossils to evaluate the impacts of climate change and human activity on freshwater ecosystems. In aquatic ecosystems throughout the world (with special emphasis on the Global South), we’ve conducted multi-disciplinary analyses designed to answer questions related to hydroclimate change, the evolution of biodiversity, fisheries conservation, human-landscape interactions, and natural hazards.

Please contact me regarding student and post doctoral opportunities.


Selected Publications:

* denotes student, denotes corresponding author

Dilworth, J.*, Stone, J.S., Yeager, K., Thigpen, R.T., and McGlue, M.M., (2023) Fossil diatoms reveal environmental and anthropogenic history of Jackson Lake (Wyoming), 1650-2019 CE. ES3 – Earth Science Systems and Society doi:10.3389/esss.2023.10065

Benfield, A.J.*, Ivory, S.J., Hodelka, B.N.*, Zimmerman, S.R.H., McGlue, M.M., (2023) Terrestrial ecosystem transformations in response to rapid climate change during the last deglaciation aaround Mono Lake, California, USA. Quaternary Research doi:10.1017/qua.2022.70

McGlue, M.M., Dilworth, J.R.*,  Johnson, H.L.*, Whitehead, S.*, Thigpen, J.R., Yeager, K.M., Woolery, E.W., Brown, S.J., Cearley, C.*, Clark, G.*, Dixon, T.S.*, Goldsby, R.C.*, Helfrich, A.*, Hodelka, B.N.*, Johnson, S.E.*, Lo, E.L.*, Domingos Luz, L.*, Powell, N.*, Rasbold, G.G.*, Swanger, W.* (2023) Effect of dam emplacement and water level changes on sublacustrine geomorphology and recent sedimentation in Jackson Lake, Grand Teton National Park (Wyoming, USA). ES3 – Earth Science Systems and Society doi: 10.3389/esss.2023.10066

Johnson, S.*, Swallom, M.*, Thigpen, R., McGlue, M.M., Woolery, E., Yeager, K., (2022) Quantifying post-glacial denudation rates in the Teton Range, Wyoming. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 592, 117643

Lo, E.L.*, Yeager, K.M., Bergier, I., Silva, A., McGlue, M.M., (2022),  Sediment infill of tropical floodplain lakes: rates, controls, and implications for ecosystem services. Frontiers in Earth Science DOI: 10.3389/feart.2022.875919

Rasbold, G.G., Pinheiro, U., Luz, L.D.*, Dilworth, J.*, Thigpen, R.T., Passenda, L.C., McGlue, M.M., (2022) First evidence of a freshwater sponge fauna in Jackson Lake, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming (USA). Inland Waters DOI: 10.1080/20442041.2022.2035190

Streib, L.*, Stone, J., Lyon, E., Ha, H., Zimmerman, S., Yeager, K., McGlue, M.M., (2021) Anthropogenic climate change has altered lake state in the Sierra Nevada (California, USA) Global Change Biology DOI:10.1111/gcb.15843

Kamulali, T.*, McGlue, M.M., Stone, J., Kimirei, I., Goodman, P.,  Cohen, A.S., (2021) Paleoecological analysis of Holocene sediment cores from the southern basin of Lake Tanganyika: Implications for the future of the fishery Journal of Paleolimnology DOI:10.1007/s10933-021-00219-4

McGlue, M.M., Yeager, K.M., Soreghan, M., Behm, M., Kimirei, I., Cohen, A.S., Mbonde, A., Apse, C., Limbu, P., Smiley, R.*, Doering, D.*, Lucas, J.S.*, McIntyre, P., (2021) Spatial variability in nearshore sediment pollution in Lake Tanganyika (East Africa) and implications for fisheries conservation Anthropocene 33, 100281

Ivory, S.J., McGlue, M.M., Peterman, C.*, Baldwin, P.*, Lucas, J.*, Cohen, A., Russell, J., Saroni, J., Msaky, E., Soreghan, M., (2021) Climate, vegetation, and weathering across space and time in tropical Lake Tanganyika. Quaternary Science Advances

McGlue, M.M., Ivory, S.J., Stone, J.R., Cohen, A.S., Kamulali, T.M., Latimer, J.C., Brannon, M.A.*, Kimirei, I.A. and Soreghan, M.J., (2020) Solar irradiance and ENSO affect food security in Lake Tanganyika, a major African inland fishery. Science Advances, 6(41), p.eabb2191.

Lyon, E.*, McGlue, M.M., Erhardt, A.E., Kim, S., Stone, J., Zimmerman, S., (2020), Late Holocene hydroclimate changes in the eastern Sierra Nevada revealed by a 4600 year paleoproduction record from June Lake, CA Quaternary Science Reviews, 242, 106432

Russell, J.M., Barker, P., Cohen, A., Ivory, S., Kimirei, I., Lane, C.,  Leng, M., Maganza, N., McGlue, M.M., Msaky, E., Noren, A., Park Boush, L., Salzburger, W., Scholz, C., Tiedemann R., and the Lake Tanganyika Scientific Drilling Team (2020), ICDP Workshop on Scientific Drilling in Lake Tanganyika, Africa: A late Neogene record of climate, rifting, and ecosystem evolution from the world’s oldest tropical lake Scientific Drilling 27, 53–60

Lucas, J.*, McGlue, M., Kimirei, I., Soreghan, M., Mbonde, A., Yeager, K., Limbu, P., Apse, C., McIntyre, P., (2020) Geophysical benthic habitat mapping at Lake Tanganyika: Implications for placing small scale coastal protected zones - Journal of Great Lakes Research 46 (2), 243-254

Hodelka, B.*, McGlue, M.M., Zimmerman, S., Ali, G., Tunno, I., (2020) Paleoproduction and environmental change at Mono Lake (CA) during the Pleistocene-Holocene transition - Palaeo3 109565

Ivory, S.J., McGlue, M.M., Spera, S., Silva, A., Bergier, I., (2019) Vegetation, rainfall, and pulsing hydrology in the Pantanal, the world’s largest tropical wetland - Environmental Research Letters 14 (12), 124017

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Lyon, E.*, McGlue, M.M., Kim, S., Stone, J., Woolery, E., Zimmerman, S., (2019) Sub-lacustrine geomorphology and modern sedimentation at June Lake (CA), a glacial scour basin in the eastern Sierra Nevada - Journal of Sedimentary Research 89 (10), 919-934