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Daniel Rowland


Ph.D., Yale, 1976


He spent 1981-82,1988-89 and 1995-96 at the Russian Research Center, Harvard University.  Current projects include an investigation of rituals, art, and architecture in the throne rooms of Russia.

Selected Publications:
  • "The Problem of Advice in Muscovite Tales about the Time of Troubles," Russian History/Histoire Russe, 6, pt. 2 (1979)
  • "Towards an Understanding of the Political Ideas in Ivan Timofeyev's Vremennik," The Slavonic and East European Review 62 (1984)
  • "Did Muscovite Literary Ideology Place Limits on the Power of the Tsar?" The Russian Review 49 (1990)
  • "Biblical Military Imagery in the Political Culture of Early Modern Russia: The Blessed Host of the Heavenly Tsar,"  Medieval Russian Culture, vol. 2, Michael Flier and Rowland, eds. (1994)
  • “Ivan IV as a Carolingian Renaissance Prince,” Harvard Ulerainian Studies, 19 (1995)
  • “Moscow--the Third Rome or the New Israel?” The Russian Review, 55/4 (1996)

Numerous articles on early modern Russian History in the Modern Encyclopedia of Russian and Soviet History.