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Corinne Gressang

Description of Research

I am an historian of the French Revolution specializing in religious women and the dissolution of convents. My research focuses on the forming and reforming of identities for nuns and sisters who were forced from their profession and patterns of living. 

Conference Presentations

2020                 Society for French Historical Studies, Online

                        Salon: Grad Stories: Choosing French History Topics—A Global future?

2020                 Society for French Historical Studies, Online

                        “Gabriel Gauchat: The Senses and Catholicism during the Reign of Terror”

2020                 Consortium on the Revolutionary Era, Tallahassee, FL

                        “Religious Women and the Return of Catholicism to France after the Revolution”

2019                 Western Society for French History, Bozeman, MT

                        “The Politics of Labor: Former Nuns and Nursing during the French Revolution”

2019                 Society for French Historical Studies, Indianapolis, IN

“New Economic Habits: Wills, Vocations, and Vows of Poverty after the Dissolution of Convents”

2018                 Western Society for French History, Portland, ME

“Leveraging Identity: Teaching orders (1789-1815)”

2018                 Ohio Valley History Conference, Martin, TN 

                        “Leveraging Identity: Teaching Nuns and the Dissolution of Convents (1789-1815)”

2018                 Society for French Historical Studies 2018, Pittsburgh, PA      

                        “Breaking Habits: Identity and the Dissolution of Convents”

2018                 American Historical Association, Washington, D.C.        

                                                                    Dissertation Lightning Round

2016                 European Colloquium with the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

                        “French Collective Memory in Chateaubriand’s Genie du Christianisme


2020                 Kirwan Elliott Prize

2019                 Graduate Student Teaching Award

2019                 GradTeach Live! Finalist

2018                 Teaching Award Nomination


External Grants and Fellowships


2019                 Massena Society Dissertation Research Fellowship

2019                 American Catholic Historical Association Graduate Student Summer Research Grant

2018                 American Historical Association Travel Grant

2017                 Koch Foundation Dissertation Grant 


University of Kentucky Grants and Fellowships


2020                 University of Kentucky Spring Dissertation Fellowship

2019                 Bryan Fellowship

2018                 Arts and Sciences Research Funding

2018                 Gilbert-Crowe Fund for Graduate Student Development

2017                 George Herring Graduate Fellowship 

2017                 Albisetti Summer Research Grant       

2017                 Dissertation Enhancement Award

2013                 First-Year Fellowship

Teaching Experience

Indiana University Southeast, New Albany, Indiana

Adjunct Instructor of History:

History 101: 20th Century World History                                                        Spring 2019

History 106: US History 1877 to the Present                                                   Spring 2019

University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Online Primary Instructor: Online, six- or eight-week intensive course.

History 121: War and Society 1914-1945- eight weeks                                     Fall 2018

History 121: War and Society 1914-1945- six weeks                 Summer 2018, 2019, and 2020

Instructor of record with a supervising instructor, e.g., a “Flipped Classroom”:

 History 121: War and Society 1914-1945                                                         Fall 2016

Teaching Assistant:

History 191: History of World Religions: Christianity                                      Fall 2019

History 323: The Holocaust                                                                             Spring 2018

History 122: War and Society since 1945                                                          Spring 2017

History 104: History of Europe through 17th C                                              Fall 2017

Guest lecture on “Absolutism and Louis XIV”

History 208: Atlantic World                                                                             Spring 2016

Guest Lecture on “The Haitian Revolution in the Larger Atlantic”

History 564: History of Brazil                                                                          Spring 2016

History 105: Europe from 1660 to the Present            Spring 2014, Fall 2014, Fall 2015

History 130: Drugs and Alcohol in Western Civilization                                  Spring 2015




2018-2019        Grad + Pedagogy Certificate in Diversity- Training                                        

2018                 Advanced Placement World History Tutor, Lexington, KY                 

2017                 Johns Hopkins’s CTY, Teaching Assistant- Law and Politics

2016                 Johns Hopkins’s CTY, Teaching Assistant- Great Cases in American Legal History      

2013                 English Teacher at Yanbian University of Science and Technology- Yanji, China

2012-13            Homeschool Instructor- Grove City, PA


Selected Publications:



 “Joseph Fiévée: Suzette’s Dowry” in The Cambridge Guide to the Eighteenth-Century Novel, 1660-1820. April London, ed. (Cambridge University Press, 2020).

“A Second Path: Nuns in the Early French Revolution, 1789-1791” in Religion in Rebellions, Revolutions, and Social Movements, Jean-Pierre Reed and Warren S. Goldstein, eds., (expected publication in December 2020).


Public History Outreach


“Useful Nuns and Revolutionary Possibility,” Age of Revolutions Blog. Bryan Banks and Cindy Ermus, eds.. Published November 11, 2019,….