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Anna V Voskresensky

MA in Russian Language, Literature and Teaching Theory, Kuban State University, Russia
Completed STARTALK Discover Russia Teacher program with ACTFL and certified, July 2011, July 2013, Washington, DC.
Recipient of AATSEEL Award Excellence in Post-Secondary Teaching, 2021
Recipient of the University of Kentucky Great Teacher Award for Outstanding Teaching, 2020
Recipient of the University of Kentucky Provost Award for Outstanding Teaching, 2019
Recipient of the Award from College of Education Teacher who Made a Difference, 2018, 2016
Recipient of the Outstanding Teaching Award, UK, College of Arts & Sciences, 2015

I am a native Russian Speaker, and have been teaching the Russian language and literature since 1982. I taught Russian language in Germany between 1986-1989, and was a recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award.  I have been teaching the Russian language at the University of Kentucky since 2005. In 2015 I organized the "Russian Radio" program on UK radio station for students and community . I am a Director of Russian Intensive Program in Russia 2016 -2018. 

Research Interests:
Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy
Teaching Russian language through film & media
Education Abroad