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A&S from Anywhere Virtual Speaker Series

Sports, Social Justice, and COVID-19

Derrick White, professor in the UK History Department and African American and Africa Studies Program, and Amira Rose Davis, professor of History and African American Studies at The Pennsylvania State University, in conversation with A&S Interim Dean Christian Brady will examine how the intersection of COVID-19 and social justice made college and professional sports a site of activism and protest. The panelists will also discuss how it connects to a longer history of athletic activism. 

The Future of A&S at UK: A Conversation With Interim Dean Christian Brady

Join A&S Interim Dean Christian Brady in conversation with Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs Anna Bosch (Linguistics) on Thursday, Sept. 24, at 12:30 p.m., as he discusses his background and research interests, impression of Lexington and the University, and hopes for the College of Arts & Sciences over the coming year. Dean Brady will also provide updates on the search for a new dean of the College.

Straight From The Students

What are college students really thinking as they return to campus? Join A&S Dean Mark Kornbluh in conversation with four College of Arts & Sciences students as they return to UK's campus for the Fall 2020 semester. The students will discuss their expectations, concerns and questions as they continue their education during a pandemic. 

An Update on COVID-19 From A&S Scientists

Join Dr. Vincent Cassone, chair of the Biology Department, and Dr. Mark Prendergast, director of the Neuroscience Program, in conversation with A&S Dean Mark Kornbluh about the most recent COVID-19 research. The discussion will include what we know about the spread of the virus, protective measures to limit its spread, and strategies for vaccines. Hear the latest information on testing and masks.

Promoting Social Science Health Equity Research during COVID-19

Dean Mark Kornbluh will talk with Sociology Professor Carrie Oser about generating social science research to promote health equity during COVID-19. They will explore the underlying needs for health equity research broadly, which have been recently highlighted due to the dual public health crises of racism and COVID-19. In addition, they will discuss practical issues associated with conducting human subjects research during a pandemic, managing and motivating diverse research teams, and deploying strategies to overcome barriers in order to promote health and well-being.

Keeping Sane During The Pandemic

Psychology professors and clinical psychologists Greg Smith and Michelle Martel will talk with Dean Mark Kornbluh about “Keeping Sane during the Pandemic.” They will discuss the impact of the pandemic on every stage of life, from raising children to the special needs of older adults, and offer practical coping strategies. They will also explore lasting shifts in social life as more and more of human life is mediated through technology. Even after the pandemic subsides, we will likely find the ways we intact with others changed and social life transformed.

Setting an Anti-Racist Agenda for the College of Arts & Sciences: From Statement to Actions

Arts & Sciences Dean Mark Kornbluh speaks with Dr. Anastasia Curwood, Director of African American & Africana Studies, and Dr. Cristina Alcalde, Associate Dean of Inclusion and Internationalization, about the steps the College has taken and is planning to take as a result of its commitment to ensure anti-racist, inclusive, and equitable working, learning, and teaching environments. 

International Education in the Age of COVID-19: What are the Immediate Impacts and Longer Term Prospects?

Sue Roberts, associate provost for internationalization and professor of geography, will outline some of the ways COVID-19 has up-ended universities' global engagements. In conversation with Dean Mark Kornbluh, she will explore UK's exciting initiatives to reimagine internationalization and to connect UK students and faculty to the world outside the U.S. even though in person travel is on hold. 

The Pandemic and the Professor: COVID-19’s Challenges for Teaching and Learning, and the Lasting Implications for Higher Education

As a prelude to the Fall Semester, Associate Provost Kathi Kern and Dean Mark Kornbluh discuss the challenges posed by teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Faculty and students alike worry about the logistics. How will we maintain a safe and healthy learning environment? How much of instruction will need to be moved online or “flipped”? How does technology enable or restrict us? How do we continue to foster strong student-teacher bonds at a distance? How do we build community in our current environment?

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