"see blue." #selfie: Kyle Richardson and Nick Ramos

By Rebecca Stratton

(March 16, 2016) — Want to get to know the people behind some of the biggest student leadership positions on campus? We did, too! That's why we're excited to introduce "see blue." #selfie - a brand new series on UKNow that lets student leaders from across campus tell us a little bit more about themselves and their organizations. This week, the 2015-16 Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow and TEAM WILDCAT co-chairs!

Kyle Richardson and Nick Ramos are this year's co-chairs of STAT and TEAM WILDCAT! As chair of Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (STAT), Kyle, a senior from Williamsburg, Kentucky, works first hand with the University of Kentucky Alumni Association as well as TEAM WILDCAT Chair Nick. Nick, a senior from St. Louis, also works directly with the Alumni Association and Kyle, but has more of a direct focus on athletics. These chairs, who just so happen to also be best friends, shape every student's #BBN experience whether that be in Commonwealth Stadium, Rupp Arena or any other sporting event!  

UKNow: What are your majors and where are you guys from?

Kyle Richardson: We are seniors. I'm a political science and history major, graduating in May. I'm from Williamsburg, Kentucky.

Nick Ramos:  I'm an accounting and marketing major and I plan on graduating next December. I'm from St. Louis.

UK: Tell me about your positions on STAT/TEAM WILDCAT.

Kyle:  I am the chair of STAT. Collectively, Nick and I work on the student section stuff and the Eruption Zone for basketball.  I specifically am based out of the Alumni Association and I head up networking for Wildcat Wednesdays.

Nick: I'm chair of TEAM WILDCAT. I do a lot more with athletics. We have our own leadership committee with about 15 people. We both work on alumni together.

UK: When did you first become involved in STAT/TEAM WILDCAT? 

Kyle: I was a member my freshman year, then was on leadership committee, events chairman and then co-chair for two years.

Nick: I originally was a membership chairman, then social media and then TEAM WILDCAT chair.

UK: Why are you so passionate about these organizations? 

Nick: I didn't really know anyone coming to UK, so it gave me a connection. I love sports and meeting people, so this is a nice blend for that. It's a medley of two things I really like - people and sports!

Kyle- Coming from small town Kentucky, UK was always a big dream of mine. I was named after Kyle Macy, so I was destined to go here. I knew coming from a small high school that I would have to find something to get involved in. I'm a big sports nut. During my freshman advising conference, I went in on the athletics interest session and they were talking about STAT/TEAM WILDCAT. I am passionate about UK and athletics, and I really found a home here. I love working with the Alumni Association. They are passionate about helping students out and sharing their experiences. Also, our athletics is second to none. It's been a great mix.

UK: What's your favorite part?

Kyle: I had a great opportunity this past summer to work for marketing in Athletics for the summer.  The people you get to work with and the things you get to be in on with Athletics and the university makes you feel like you're involved in something bigger than just yourself. You’re part of two really big organizations doing big things. I like working with our leaders and our members to figure out how we can improve and spread passion to campus. 

Nick: For me, the people I have met are top notch and they are some of my best friends. I get to work with Kyle…and he’s pretty cool. Getting to see different people and a side of the university that not many people get to see is great, and I brag about it when I go home. The whole experience itself is just amazing.

UK: What is your favorite free throw shooting distraction?

Nick: Mine is the one where people act like seals and go "ar ar ar!" I think most people like it. I love the seals. But, two years ago we had a couple people in the E Zone dress up as Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus and do the wrecking ball dance. They used a big exercise ball as the wrecking ball.

Kyle: My favorite is the roller coaster because it's the hardest to master. I feel like it's the most distracting because it's the most unique.

UK: What's your favorite UK tradition?

Nick:  We may have the same answer, but mine is the pyramid K at the end of the basketball games.  The first time I saw it I didn't know what was going on, but ever since then it has been one of my favorite parts.

Kyle: I would probably agree with that one. It's one of the collective moments in the game when everyone is going to be on their feet.

Nick: We could be losing but people will be in on this still.

Kyle: For me, I get very into things sometimes, so every time "Mony Mony" comes on during the second half I feel perfect about the game - it's one of my favorites.

UK: How much planning goes on behind the scenes for a basketball game? 

Nick: Depends on the game. Some are routine, but if it's a big match-up we may put our towels on every chair or pom-poms - those take a lot more prep. Every game has stuff that we do.  

Kyle: A lot goes into it at the beginning of the year when stuff comes out, and we have to figure out logistically how things work.  This year we brought out a new flag for football, so we had to figure out how to make it look presentable on TV and good in the stadium.  Same for basketball flag - we have to know timing with music to add with the experiences.

Nick: We usually get there two hours before tip off depending on the game….sometimes earlier.

UK: What is your most used emoji? 

Nick: I use the cat surprised face.

Kyle: Mine would be the praise hands or the eye roll when I'm texting Nick.

Nick: The upside down smiley or just the eyes one…those are good too.

UK: What made you decide to come to UK?

Kyle: It was pretty clear. It was down to a couple places I was considering, but at the end of the day this felt like home.

Nick: Me on the other hand, I applied to 10 schools, and I wanted to be pre-pharmacy at the time, so that was my main decider. UK happened to be playing Kansas as I was considering both schools. Kentucky won the game, so apparently I'm here. I was the first person from my high school to come here.

UK: What is your current Netflix series?

Nick: We both just finished Fuller House.

Kyle: I just finished that last night!

Nick: I have been really into Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder.

UK: Aside from school and your involvements, what do you all do for fun? 

Nick: Away from athletics? When I'm home I love to play drums, basketball, catch baseball…anything like that…mainly sports and music….and movies, I'm a movie buff.

Kyle: I'm a big movie person too. I am at everything UK athletics related here. When I do have free time, I like to go home, hike and fish and watch NCIS. I like to play catch and relax outside.

Nick: My parents always ask what I do for free time and I say going to sporting events - I enjoy it!

UK: What would you tell an incoming freshman?

Nick: First off, sign up for STAT and TEAM WILDCAT! If you don't know anyone, sign up for everything so you're not just sitting in your dorm room. College is about new things. Don't forget to say yes to something outside your comfort zone. Try all things on campus!

Kyle: There's always a big mentality that UK is a big, scary place where you're going to go and be a number.  I have told my younger sister, who's a junior in high school, to come in and be open to trying new things and to put yourself out there and meet new people. UK is only as big as you want to make it! If you want to be involved and you want to do something bigger than class, get into organizations and it becomes smaller, but only if you allow for that to happen.

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