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History Major Requirements (45 hours total)

I. History Requirements (36 hours)

1.  6 hours of required coursework:

  • HIS 301 (Undergraduate Methods Seminar)
  • HIS 499 (Undergraduate Research Seminar)

2.  At least 30 hours of history coursework that satisfies the following requirements:

Course Level

  • 6 credit hours in courses numbered at the 100+ level
  • 9 credit hours in courses numbered at the 200+ level
  • 15 credit hours in courses numbered at the 300+ level


  • 3 credit hours of United States history
  • 3 credit hours of European history
  • 3 credit hours of Asian or African or Middle Eastern or Latin American

Historical Eras

  • At least 6 credit hours must address the period before 1789
  • At least 6 credit hours must address the period after 1789

** Please note that for Course Level, Regions, and Historical Eras, a single 3-hour course can satisfy multiple requirements. (For example, HIS 206 - Colonial Latin America satisfies all of the following requirements: 3 hours of the 200+ level portion of Course Level, 3 hours of the Asian/African/Middle Eastern/Latin American portion of Regions, and 3 hours of the pre-1789 portion of Historical Eras.)

II. Related Courses Outside of History (9 hours) 

Students must complete 9 credit hours at the 200+ level in “related” fields outside of history (the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, mathematics, and natural and applied sciences).  Foreign language instruction courses may not be used to fulfill the related field requirement, but literature, civilization, and culture classes do count.  For questions (including the possibility of substituting coursework from additional disciplines), please consult History's Director of Advising and Scheduling (Dr. Erik Myrup; e-mail: