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I. Pre-Major Requirements (6 credit hours)
One six-hour course sequence from among the following:

  • His 104/105 (Europe)
  • His 106/107 (Science and technology)
  • His 108/109 (United States)

II. Major Requirements
1. At least 30 credit hours of history courses that include:

  • 3 credit hours of United States history
  • 3 credit hours of European history
  • 3 credit hours of Asian or African or Middle Eastern or Latin American
  • History 301 (undergraduate methods seminar)
  • History 499 (undergraduate research seminar)
2. At least 6 credit hours of courses must address the period before 1789, and at least 6 credit hours must address the period after 1789.  History 301 and 499 do NOT satisfy this requirement. 

3. At least 15 credit hours must be in courses numbered 300 and above.  The remaining 15 credit hours may be in courses numbered 200 and above.

III.  In addition to these major requirements students must also fulfill the following requirements:
1.  At least 14 credit hours must be in courses numbered 200 and above in related fields (political science, sociology, literature, culture) that are relevant to a student’s interests.

2. At least 39 credit hours must be in courses numbered 300 among ALL undergraduate courses taken by a student; NO major requirement is satisfied by a 100-level course.

IV. Common Exemptions
AP and International Baccalaureate course credit in the relevant field satisfies the pre-major requirement.