Fall 2017 Courses

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HIS 502 His of Roman Republic
MWF 9:00-9:50
Daniel J Gargola
A history of Rome from earliest times to the fall of the Republic. Emphasis will be placed upon the territorial expansion of Rome and the effects of this expansion on republican institutions.


HIS 513 Med Inst Snce Mid 10 Cen
TR 2:00-3:15
Abigail Firey
A survey of medieval political, social, economic and ecclesiastical institutions from the beginning of the High Middle Ages to the middle of the 15th century.


HIS 542 German History 1789-1918
MWF 1:00-1:50
James C Albisetti
This course examines the political, social, and cultural history of Germany during the century when it rose from utter defeat by Napoleon to become the strongest economic and military power in Europe, then concludes with Germany's fate in World War I.


HIS 562 Modern Mexico
TR 2:00-3:15
Francie R Chassenlopez
Following a brief survey of Mexican political history from Independence to the present, this course will examine topically major historical themes, such as landholding and agrarian problems, church and state, and assessment of the 1910 Revolution.


HIS 578 History of the Old South
TR 11:00-12:15
Amy Murrell Taylor
A study of the colonial beginnings and expan- sion of southern life, economics, and society. The growth of slavery, staple agriculture, and sectional politics will constitute the major interest. Prereq: HIS 108.


HIS 580 History of Appalachia
TR 2:00-3:15
Kathryn D Newfont
A survey of the social, economic, and cultural history of Appalachia from the colonial period to the present with emphasis on the interaction of this social state region with the broader forces of social change at work in modern America. Prereq: HIS 108, 109 or consent of instructor.


HIS 606 Historical Criticism
M 4:30-7:00
Stephen R. Davis
Required of every entering graduate student in history. For history graduate students only.


HIS 640 Readings to 1877
W 3:00-5:30
Vanessa M Holden
Course will examine major scholarly debates in American history to 1877. Prereq: none listed.


HIS 650-001 Readings in Special Topics: Migrations
T 3:30-6:00
Francis Musoni


HIS 650-002 Readings in Special Topics: Medieval Instns
TR 2:00-3:15
Abigail Firey


HIS 650-003 Readings in Special Topics: Modern Mexico
TR 2:00-3:15
Francie R Chassenlopez


HIS 650-401 Readings in Special Topics: Sem One Mnt South
W 6:30-9:00
Kathryn D Newfont


HIS 654 Readings in Modern Afr-amn His
R 3:30-6:00
Anastasia Carol Curwood
Introduces graduate students to the historical literature on 20th century African-American history and major historiographical issues.


HIS 695 Independent Work
Under special conditions selected students may investigate problems, with weekly reports to instruc- tor. May be repeated to a maximum of nine credits. Prereq: Consent of instructor.


HIS 701 Research Seminar in American History
F 1:00-3:30
Amy Murrell Taylor
Graduate research seminar in American history. May be repeated to a maximum of 12 credits.


HIS 705 Colloquium in Pre-modern Eur His
W 3:30-5:30
Daniel J Gargola
Graduate research seminar for students in pre-modern European history. Students will write a research paper of 20-30 pages using primary sources in the original languages. Class time will primarily involve discussion of works in progress, including works by the students and pre-modern European faculty members, as well as discussion of the mechanics of researching and writing history.


HIS 748 Master's Thesis Research
Karen Petrone
Half-time to full-time work on thesis. May be repeated to a maximum of six semesters. Prereq: All course work toward the degree must be completed.


HIS 749 Dissertation Research
Karen Petrone
May be repeated to a maximum of six semesters. Prereq: Registration for two full-time semesters.


HIS 750 Intro Historical Profession
D E Hamilton
Intend to acquaint students with dissertation research expectation, the responsibilities of a new faculty member, and professional career options. Prereq: None.


HIS 767 Dissertation Residency Credit
Karen Petrone
Residency credit for dissertation research after the qualifying examination. Students may register for this course in the semester of the qualifying examination. A minimum of two semesters are required as well as continuous enrollment (Fall and Spring) until the dissertation is completed and defended.


HIS 768 Res Cr Masters Degree
Karen Petrone
May be repeated to a maximum of 12 hours.


HIS 769 Res Cr Doctors Degree
Karen Petrone
May be repeated indefinitely.

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