The History Department seeks to support its graduate students – and particularly its doctoral students – with funding support that includes a tuition waiver and a stipend.  Usually, a student who enters with the B.A. degree is eligible for a maximum of five-years of support.  A student who enters with the M.A. from another institution is usually eligible for up to four-years of support. 

History Department Fellowships and Assistantships

Kentucky Opportunity Fellowship (KOF) – This is a one-year fellowship for an incoming student.  It carries a full-tuition waiver and a stipend of $15,000.

Graduate School Academic Year Fellowship (GSAY) – This is a one-year fellowship for an incoming student.  It carries a full tuition waiver and a stipend of $15,000.

Teaching Assistantships – The department usually supports over twenty graduate students with a teaching assistantship.  These carry a full tuition waiver and a stipend of about $13,000 a year.  Teaching assistants normally are assigned to one of the department’s larger lecture classes and they attend lectures and meet once-a-week with three discussion sections of about 20-25 students per section.  TA awards are often renewed up to the maximum of four or five years, but students who have been awarded an assistantship must apply annually for reappointment.

Research Assistantships – The department has a small number of research assistantships available each year.  These usually carry a full tuition waiver and a stipend of about $13,000 a year.

Non-History Department Assistantships

In recent years, History graduate students have been funded through assistantships with the Academic Enhancement program and the Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Media program.  These awards carry a full tuition waiver.  Stipends vary from about $11,000 a year to $14,000.

Kentucky Historical Society Editorial Assistantship – The department cooperates with the Kentucky History Society (KHS) to provide an editorial assistantship administered by the KHS in Frankfort, Kentucky.  The award is limited to advanced students and usually to a student who is specializing in American history.  It carries a full tuition waiver and a stipend of $18,000 for an eleven-month appointment.

Graduate School Fellowships

The UK Graduate School offers several fellowships for prospective and current students. Students or applicants do not apply for these awards but must be nominated by the department.

Multi-Year Fellowships – This fellowship is limited to entering students and frees the student from any responsibilities as a teaching assistant or a research assistant.  The fellowship carries a full tuition waiver and a stipend of $18,000 per academic year (awarded for a total of two years for master’s students and three years for doctoral students, contingent upon satisfactory academic progress). To be eligible, an applicant must have achieved the 90th percentile or above on at least one of the three sections of the Graduate Record Examination.

Lyman T. Johnson Teaching Fellowships - The award is jointly funded by the Department of History and the Graduate School’s Office of Cultural Diversity. It is a matching award that provides one-semester of fellowship support with another semester of support as a teaching assistant or a research assistant. It carries a tuition waiver.  The stipends vary, but they are usually about $13,000.

Daniel Reedy Quality Achievement Awards – These awards provide a $3,000 per-year supplement to a Teaching Assistant stipend or Fellowship for a maximum of three years.  The initial award is limited to first-year students.  Criteria for eligibility include a 90th percentile or higher score on one part of the Graduate Record Examination.

Dissertation Year Fellowship - The department may nominate two candidates each year for this non-teaching fellowship that pays full tuition and carries a stipend of $16,000. Candidates must already have passed their qualifying examinations and completed a dissertation prospectus that has been formally accepted by the candidate’s committee.

Presidential Fellowships - Candidates for this competitive, non-teaching fellowship that pays tuition plus $15,000 for a single academic year will be nominated by the DGS in consultation with the Graduate Committee. Eligible candidates must have achieved the 81st percentile or higher on two of the three sections of the GRE, must already be enrolled in a degree program, must have a GPA of 3.7 or above on all previous graduate work, and a 3.5 or above on all undergraduate work.

James Still Fellowship - One fellowship (tuition plus $15,000, renewable for a second year) is available for graduate study in the humanities or social sciences for an entering student who is a graduate of a privately supported college in central Appalachia and is a resident of the region.

Dissertation Research Funding

The department and the Graduate School seek to support students who are undertaking dissertation research with various travel and research funds.  These History Department provides:

The Albisetti Dissertation Research Fellowship for students conducting research outside of the U.S.
The Charles Roland Fellowship for students working in U.S. history.
The George C. Herring Fellowship
The Dorothy Leathers Fellowship
The Mary Wilma Hargreaves Fellowship

The Graduate School provides:

The Dissertation Enhancement Awards, which provide up to $3,000 for research travel. 

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