The Numbering System

500-599 = lecture/discussion courses or seminars open to undergraduate and graduate students.

600-699 = graduate reading seminars.

700-799 = graduate research seminars.

Required Courses:

History 606 – Historical Criticism.  This is an introduction to the professional study of History and is required of all graduate students.

History 750 – Professional Development Seminar.  This is a one-credit professional development seminar required of all first-year doctoral students.

Courses required for specific fields:

History 628 – Colloquium in Modern European History.  This is required of all students concentrating in the field of Modern Europe.  Topics vary, but it seeks to provide an overview of the major themes and events that have shaped Modern European History from the late-eighteenth century to the present. 

History 705 – Colloquium in Pre-Modern European History.  This is required for students in pre-modern European history. 

History 640 and 641 – Readings in American History.  This is a two-semester reading seminar that is required of all doctoral students concentrating in U.S. history.




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