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Dark Energy Survey Data at the Low Surface Brightness Regime: Diffuse Light in Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters

BL 339
Speaker(s) / Presenter(s):
Yuanyuan Zhang (Fermi Lab)

The enormous amount of data collected by the Dark Energy Survey (DES) provide a great opportunity to explore low surface brightness science topics, such as faint diffuse light in galaxies and galaxy clusters. In this talk, I will describe how we study diffuse intra-cluster light through stacking the images of hundreds of galaxy clusters from DES, reaching a surface brightness limit of 30 mag/arcsec^2, out to a radial distance of 1 Mpc from the cluster center. Despite their low surface brightness, our studies show that intra-cluster light is a significant component of the galaxy cluster stellar content. The stacking method has also been applied to characterizing the light profiles of luminous red galaxies, as well as studying the aureole component of the DES point spread function. Weak lensing and precision photometry calibration  methods may wish to consider these effects in the future.

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