Women's and Gender History


Students in this field of concentration will examine the nature of the construction of gender difference and transformations in gender identities across time. The field is comparative both temporally and geographically. It investigates both masculinity and femininity, and explores how gender interacts with other social identities such as class, race, nationality, ethnicity and sexuality in relations of power. The concentration analyzes the impact of gendered relations and gendered discourse on a broad variety of global and local contexts including international relations, imperial/colonial relations, politics, law, work, family, school, leisure, consumption, religion, and domesticity. Students are especially encouraged to acquire interdisciplinary skills by taking appropriate courses in other departments and programs, in particular the Gender and Women’s Studies Program.

James Albisetti

Francie Chassen-López

David Hunter

Kathi Kern

Karen Petrone

Tammy Whitlock

More information on the University of Kentucky’s interdisciplinary Gender and Women’s Studies Graduate Certificate and a list of GWS affiliated faculty.


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