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Undergraduate Certificate in Social Science Research

Research experience is increasingly important whether you plan to attend a graduate or professional school, or to gain employment after college. And, this certificate is designed to provide you with research training in social science.

You gain research experience under a faculty member’s mentorship and also have an opportunity to present your research in a public forum. This certificate would be a great complement to your undergraduate degree in Psychology.

As you will see in the Certificate Curriculum --, you, as a psychology major, are in a great position to earn the certificate because: (1) several psychology courses are counted toward the certificate requirements and (2) you will have many, varied opportunities for getting involved in psychological research by taking PSY 393, PSY 394, PSY 395, and PSY 495 & PSY 496.

Also, many faculty research mentors encourage you to make a public presentation at such settings as UK Showcase of Undergraduate Scholars, NCUR (National Conference on Undergraduate Research), Posters-at the-Capitol, Kentucky Psychological Association Annual Conference, various local, regional, national, and international psychology conferences.

We strongly encourage you to consider this certificate program to further enhance your educational experience.

If you have questions about the certificate program, please contact Dr. Sung Hee Kim (