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Undergraduate Studies in Psychology

We now have over 1,000 psychology majors in our department. Each of them will progress through an innovative curriculum designed to prepare them for a variety of life opportunities including further education in diverse fields of study. Our graduates are choosing careers in mental health care delivery, business, law, medicine, and education to name but a few of their career pathways. Our goal is to prepare our students to pursue successfully their life goals. Most importantly, all of our faculty actively teach in our undergraduate curriculum so that students can directly benefit from their life experiences, training, and current research programs. We also have an honors program (Psychology Scholars Program) for undergraduates that encourages interested students to conduct independent research projects during the final two years of their undergraduate studies.

Andrea Friedrich, Director of Undergraduate Studies 211 Kastle Hall Tel: 859.257.6431 Fax: 859.323.1979 E-mail: (the best way to contact).


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