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Modern Greece and Modern Greek

XI. Modern Greece and Modern Greek

O Kadmos, e skulitsa tou kai to pheggari, by Khristos Boulotis, Illus. Photeine Stephanide.

ISBN: 960-03-1567-1. Available from: Ekdotike Kastaniote, Zaloggou 11, GR 106-78 Athens, GREECE. FAX 384.34.31 Athens. "It is about the dog who lives in the courtyard at the Thebes musem. It is whimsical and beautifully written and has many exquisite illustrations. Prehistorian iconographers will particularly love the illustrations of the room with the larnakes, psi and phi figurines, ktl, with Kadmos pondering a dog carved in relief on a stele. Wonderful for reading Greek to your two-year-old dog-lover, but good for lovers of Greece of all ages." (description contributed by Thomas G. Palaima).