International History

The field of International History / U.S. in the World is one of the fastest growing in the historical profession. Scholars in this field are united in their desire to expand their research beyond the boundaries of any one nation state and, generally, beyond any one region.

At the University of Kentucky, faculty members in this field focus on the the role of the United States in the world and the history of international relations. This includes the transnational flow of people, goods, and ideas as well as diplomacy, war, and issues of security. Above all, the faculty seek to understand U.S. history in a global context. This equates to an effort to approach the United States not as a nation unto itself but rather as part of a larger world and as one participant among many on a global field.

Students who choose to focus on this field are encouraged to develop language skills and area studies specialty in one or more regions beyond North America.




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