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French Tutors

Tutoring Guidelines
  • Tutors offer French help and conversation practice. Please see below or contact individual tutors for rates.
  •  Tutors are happy to do the following:
    • Provide a word or phrase (not an entire sentence) in French
    • Explain grammar concepts
    • Practice speaking French
  • Tutors will not do the following, because it is considered cheating and will result in penalties for both the student and the tutor:
    • Complete work for students
    • Proofread, correct, or otherwise “look over” or edit work students have done
    • Translate entire sentences
Please contact the tutors directly if you would like to arrange a meeting.
Current French MA Students
  • Graduate Student in French at UK 
  • Tutors high school and college students FR 101-214 
  • Rate: $25/hour 
  • Available via Zoom
MA in French

Jon Hibbard

  • BA – French Studies, UK 2010
  • MA – French Studies, Middlebury College 2012
  • Lived in France two years & frequently visits
  • Tutors high school & university students as well as non-students with previous French instruction.
  • Tutors for 100 – 200 levels, 300 level pending consultation
  • Rate: $25 - $45 pending consultation