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MCLLC Department Funding Application Form

  • MCLLC Departmental Funding can be used for any projects (e.g., events, activities, items, materials, incidentals) that working groups would like to fund, beyond their allotted annual budget. To apply, please submit MCLLC Department Funding Application Form to the chair via email attachment.
  • Application Deadline: End of the 4th week of each semester. After the deadline, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until funding is exhausted.

A&S Funding Opportunities for Faculty

New Course and Course Change Proposals

  • To create a new course or put in a course change, please submit the following files to DUS via email attachment no later than the Thursday before UC meetings (schedule available in department calendar):
  • (1) Syllabus using this template with learning outcomes following Bloom's Taxonomy guidelines
    (2) Curriculog form
    (3) (optional) UK core form (only required if seeking UK core approval)
    See below for descriptions of each document.
  • Your syllabus must include all the required information using this template. Please build your syllabus using the template and leave all the boiler plate language as is. Please also use the Editor function in Word (click "Review" and then "Editor" should appear on the top left) to catch typos and other suggested revisions. Learning outcomes must follow Bloom's Taxonomy guidelines. If they do not, the UC will return them to you for revision.
  • Please respond to these Curriculog questions. Only complete the Distance Learning section if you would like for the course to be approved for Distance Learning. You can read more about DL here.
  • If you want the course to fulfill a UK core area, please visit the link to find the form you need. We can only choose one UK core area per course, so please just choose one form to complete.
  • Process: all proposals should first be reviewed by the working group(s) involved. Then the UC reviews the documents you submit, and will vote to either approve as is or request revisions to ensure the class moves through UK's approval process as quickly as possible. After the UC approves your documents, the DUS brings the course to the department for approval at the next department meeting. After that, the DUS enters the course into Curriculog, the department chair approves it, and it moves on to the College, out of our hands. It usually takes about a year for changes to be fully approved.