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bseast01's picture
Emeritus Professor, Ph.D., Wisconsin, 1964
cpro225's picture
Emeritus Professor
hisdan's picture
Emeritus Professor
Early modern Russia; art and architecture; Russian literature
dbsmit01's picture
1761 P.O.T.
ehchri01's picture
Emeritus Associate Professor
US History; history of medicine; environmental history
gherrin's picture
Emeritus Professor
jcalbi01's picture
Professor, Emeritus
History of education and the professions; social history of the middle classes; women's history, *Professor Albisetti is not currently accepting graduate students.*
jomel's picture
Emeritus Professor
kornbluh's picture
Emeritus Professor
US history; oral history; academics in the age of the Internet
erdani01's picture
Emeritus Professor
hisposta's picture
Emeritus Professor, Ph.D. from Indiana University in 1973
rmirel00's picture
Emeritus Professor, Ph.D., Nebraska, 1967, J.D., Stanford, 1962
rform2's picture
Bryan Chair Professor, Emeritus
American history; political history; populist movements
eller's picture
Professor, Emeritus
Appalachian history; public policy and economic development
wwfree0's picture
Emeritus Professor
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