Early Modern Europe

Early modern faculty work closely with their fellow pre-modernists in teaching and advising graduate and undergraduate students. Law and culture play a large role among early modernists at Kentucky, including Erik Myrup’s work on political culture in colonial Brazil, Gretchen Starr-LeBeau’s research on early modern inquisitions, and Scott Taylor’s analysis of legal resolution of honor cases in court, and, more recently, his work on early modern understandings of addiction. Early modern faculty at Kentucky are committed to helping train students understand this critical time, in an age balanced between the pre-modern and modern worlds, distinct from what came before and after and yet sharing qualities with both. So, too, our training requires students to collaborate with faculty in related pre-modern and modern fields.

In studying this key period, students are required to know the necessary primary source languages, to learn to read and analyze wide variety of written records left to us from that period, and to grasp key theoretical and analytical concepts useful for making sense of this historical era. Students are also encouraged to embrace comparative approaches, either through work in other disciplines or through work in other historical times and places. Graduate students and faculty in early modern history are enthusiastic participants in HIS 705, the annual spring pre-modern colloquium, in which advanced graduate students and faculty from a variety of disciplines and institutions share pre-circulated works in progress.


Erik Lars Myrup
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Yale, 2006
Research Interests: Brazil and Latin America; early modern expansion; cross-cultural encounters

Jeremy Popkin
T. Marshall Hahn, Jr. Professor of HIstory; Director, UK Jewish Studies program
Ph.D., University of California/Berkeley, 1977
Research Interests: Early modern France; autobiography; the Haitian Revolution; Jewish studies

Scott K. Taylor
Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Virginia, 2001
Research Interests: Early modern Europe; Early modern Spain; cultural history; Alochol and Drugs history

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