Honors Sem Historical Methods

Honors Sem Historical Methods

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This course will furnish qualified History majors with the methodological tools that they will need to put together an Honors thesis. It thus serves as the prerequisite to HIS 471 (Honors Seminar in Historical Research). Eligible students will have to complete?both courses in order to graduate with departmental honors. HIS 470 will emphasize the honing of basic research skills: understanding historiographical debates, generating detailed bibliographies, developing effective note-taking and outline techniques, picking a feasible research topic, finding useful primary sources and drawing inferences from them, and constructing historiographical arguments in a series of short research assignments. Prereq: The course is open to History majors with a departmental GPA of 3.5 after at least 15 hours of history; successful completion of HIS 301; and upon recommendation of a faculty member.


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