War And Society, 1914-1945

War And Society, 1914-1945

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"Total war" in the 20th century exerted a profound impact on social relations in a great many ways. This course provides you with the opportunity to think long and hard about the social impact of "total" warfare, from a transnational perspective. We will explore a number of social and cultural themes as they relate to the two World Wars, such as: the impact of total war on gender relations; military technology and ethics; the demonization of the enemy; war-time propaganda; the roots of the welfare state within the warfare state; and the postwar efforts to come to terms with the atrocities of total war.


Fall 2021
Section Credits Room Instructor Syllabus
HIS 121-001 3.0 Rm.0308A Phil Harling
HIS 121-002 3.0 Rm.213 Phil Harling
HIS 121-003 3.0 Rm.209 Phil Harling
HIS 121-004 3.0 Rm.207 Phil Harling
HIS 121-005 3.0 Rm.203 Phil Harling
HIS 121-006 3.0 Rm.239 Phil Harling
HIS 121-007 3.0 Rm.103 Phil Harling
HIS 121-008 3.0 Rm.205 Phil Harling
HIS 121-009 3.0 Rm.306A Phil Harling
HIS 121-010 3.0 Rm.215 Phil Harling
HIS 121-011 3.0 Rm.306A Phil Harling
HIS 121-012 3.0 Rm.215 Phil Harling
HIS 121-201 3.0 TBD Francie Chassen-López
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