Congratulations to Stan Brunn

Congratulations to Stan Brunn for the beautiful Atlas of the 2008 Elections that has just been published with Rowman and Littlefield. 

Stan is the lead editor of the team that includes well-known political geographers and cartographers:  Gerald Webster, Richard Morrill, Fred Shelley, Stephen Lavin and Clark Archer. There are many other geographers and political scientists who contributed text to the atlas – including many with University of Kentucky Geography connections.  This is a fascinating atlas, containing maps and analysis all the way from the primaries through to post-2008 congressional votes.  Regional patterns are explored in depth.
 “With beautiful, provocative maps and concise, readable, and historically informed interpretations by experts, this book will be the recognized authority on the subject," reports reviewer James Allen, California State University, Northridge.
 Stan adds: “You can bet the book will be used by all those advisors and consultants advising wanna-be presidents next year” and we’re sure he’s right! So, once again, congratulations to Stan on the publication of this handsome and important book.