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Associate Professor of Classics
Greek and Latin literature, Mediterranean/Ancient Greek History, Digital Humanities, Artificial Intelligence
1075 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor of Classics
Classics TA Coordinator
President of the Kentucky Philological Association
Classical Mythology, Classical Historiography, Greek Epigraphy
1021 Patterson Office Tower
Professor Emeritus, Classics
Second Century C.E, Later Roman Empire, Ancient Religion & Early Christianity, Visuality in Literature & Visual Aspects of Cultural Production
Associate Professor of Classics
Latin Poetry of the Flavian Era, Rhetoric and Poetics in Latin Literature, Epideictic Genre, Latin paedagogy, Latin in Latin America, Brazilian Colonial Literature
1013 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6754
Lecturer of Classics
Research interests: Active Latin teaching and Learning; 16th Century Pedagogical Orations, Latin letters and letter writers
1007 Patterson Office Tower
Professor Emeritus
Greek Literature, Plutarch
Professor of Classics
Director of Graduate Studies, Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Latin literature in its continuity and Neo-Latin, 12th century Renaissance, Latin Composition, Latin Pedagogy and Active Latin
1037 Patterson Office Tower
Professor Emerita
Greek and Latin literature, Erasmus' biblical paraphrases
1055 Patterson Office Tower
Professor Emeritus
Greek Literature and Philosophy, Homer, Classical Tradition
Professor Emeritus, Classics
Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Emeritus
Early Christian Studies, Augustine, War and Peace in Early Christianity, Religion in America
Associate Professor
Neo-Latin Novels, Latin Fiction, Literary Studies
1473 Patterson Office Tower
Director of the UK Institute for Latin Studies
Latin Literature, Renaissance Studies, Latin Pedagogy and Active Latin
1019 Patterson Office Tower
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