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Civil War: The Untold Story Documentary

Premiering nationally beginning April 1, 2014, Civil War: The Untold Story will air regionally on Kentucky Educational Television ( KET distinguishes itself as the most-trusted, preeminent source of high-quality educational and public media—in classrooms, homes, and communities. 

The series breaks new ground by examining the war through the lens of the Western Theater – including critical yet lesser-known battles of Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Chickamauga. Filmed with sweeping cinematic style on the very grounds where these epic battles were fought. It recreates authentic scenes and features interviews with top historians to provide new insights on one of the bloodiest and most defining eras in our nation’s history—highlighting the battles, the causes and politics of war, the impact on Southern civilians and women, and the relatively unknown roles that African Americans played in the conflict, from enslaved to emancipated to soldier. Looking at our nation’s seminal event through the lens of this untold story tells us not only who were then, but who we are now. The series strikes a powerful chord that still resonates today. This event is one of 25 exclusive previews being held around the U.S. in cities such as NYC, St. Louis, Memphis, Atlanta, Gettysburg, and more.          

Civil War: The Untold Story is produced for public television by Great Divide Pictures, which, in addition to numerous cable television documentaries, has created more than 25 films shown in National Parks Visitor Centers around the country.  The series is sponsored by Nashville Public Television and will be distributed to public television stations nationally by American Public Television (APT).